Tow Bars

The tow bar comes in three configurations: a hand-held tow bar that makes it easy to lift and move the helicopter, a hitch model that you can use to hook up the helicopter to a vehicle for towing, and a hand-held tow bar with a third wheel.


  • Tow BarConnects to tow ball on bottom of R22, R44, or R66 helicopter
  • Two heavy duty tires
  • Welded Frame Construction
  • Works with Big Wheels or stock wheels
  • No need to pull down on tail

Three Configurations:

  • Hand-pull tow bar

  • Hitch-pull tow bar – available for any style hitch, ball ring coupler fork

  • Hand-pull tow bar with third wheel

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Here are some additional photos to show how the various tow bar models look and work.

Tow Bar Tow Bar Tow Bar Tow Bar Tow Bar Tow Bar

Tow Bar Closeup:

R22/R44 Tow Bar

Hitch Pull Tow Bar

R22/R44 Tow Bar

Hitch Pull Tow Bar with 3rd Wheel


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