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Thank you for your quality product, the dual big wheels are extremely practical, function and make life easier as well as being very nicely designed and manufactured. I haven’t quite set myself up properly to utilize the tow cart, the few times I have used it it has performed well and once again nicely designed and manufactured.

Thank you for your quality product and prompt service.

Blair Crosbie-Goold
Trafalgar VIC

I’m sure that you remember me. I recently purchased the Big Wheels for my Robinson R-44 located in Ft. Lauderdale.

When I first got them out of the boxes, I was extremely impressed with the craftmanship and attention to detail. Comparing these to other ground handling wheels, there was no comparison, in quality or cost.

We got hit by hurricane Rita and some heavy winds. We were concerned about our helicopter being pelted out on the flight line. We took her to Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport in order to place her into a hanger. That’s when your ground handling wheels made its entry.

They worked like a charm. Easy to place on and due to its nice height (wheel base and tire), its was much easier to maneuver into the hanger. I don’t know what we would have done without them. I highly recommend them to anybody looking for dependable ground handling wheels.

Thanks Walt for help protecting our investment.

David Forteza and Mark Lewis
Fly 4 Sky
Ft. Lauderale, FL

The wheels arrived last Monday as promised and they were put to work immediately. It took awhile to get use to the helicopter being further off the ground compared to the standard wheels, but now that I got the hang of it, I’m very pleased. The quality of your wheels is excellent and the results were as you advertised. Thanks again. I certainly appreciate having your wheels.

John Pollock
Brayton, IA

Thanks again for the big wheels. The big wheels make ground handling much easier. The cracks and small flaws in the ramp that usually grabbed the factory wheels are no longer a problem. The big wheels easily roll over most ramp imperfections.

Tony Capozzi

The R22 Big Wheels solved a problem I had getting my helicopter in and out of its hangar. The sliding hangar doors ride on a track that was extremely difficult to get my helicopter over with the stock ground handling wheels attached. The R22 Big Wheels add enough clearance for the skid tubes to clear the lip without any problems. They’re extremely well made and heavy duty. And they work great with my Brackett Aviation tow bar, too. Thanks for making a great product!

Maria Langer
Flying M Air, LLC
Wickenburg, AZ

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